About Us

Since our foundation in 1984, our company has been dedicated to the photo-thermal measuring of coating thicknesses - a contact-free and non-destructive determination of the thickness of painted coatings, based on thermal waves. The measuring principle in simple: A laser beam creates a slight warming of the painted surface. The heat flows through the coated layer and is subject to a reflection at the base material. The thicker the coating, the longer the heat takes to travel through the paint and back. An infra-red sensor determines the run-time and the thickness is calculated electronically. This procedure also works prior to firing-in, i.e. also for wet and powder coatings. Depending on the application, the entire measurement process is completed in 0.1 s, which means that even high production speeds up to 200 m/min can be measured online. From a distance of 250 mm, the sensor achieves an accuracy up to ± 0,1 μm (ten-thousandth of a millimeter) for coating thicknesses of 0.005 to 0.2 mm. It tolerates fluctuations in spacing of up to 100 mm.
At the beginning, scientific research institutes purchased our products. Meanwhile, industrial clients from around the world use our patented technology and the devices developed and manufactured by us. Paint systems operators use our technology to ensure an even distribution of paint in automated painting and to comply with quality standards. Our customers deal with a broad range of products - from automotive products, steel furniture, switching cabinets, caravan sheet metal, heaters, kitchen appliances, metal ceilings, building facades to coated frying pans, we deal with everything.


Berndt Kautter

After completing his apprenticeship as a machinist at Daimler-Benz AG in Stuttgart, he graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen with a degree in engineering. As a young engineer, he gained a wide range of experience in a wide range of industries, primarily in sales, where he was recently very successful through years of international activity. Since July 2018 he has been General Manager of Phototherm Dr. Petry GmbH.

Dr. Harald Petry

Dr. Harald Petry, who holds a PhD in physics, is the founder and shareholder of the company. When the company was founded in 1984, mainly customers from science and research made use of the photo-thermal effect and its application in the devices of Phototherm Dr. Petry GmbH. At the same time, Dr. Petry also pushed forward the industrial application of the products and quickly achieved great success in the marketing of the products. 2014 retired Dr. Petry from the operational business and as a general manager.


From planning to system integration

„We are a full-service provider in the field of non-contact and non-destructive measuring of coating thickness. We develop and manufacture innovative products and software and plan and implement the systems together with our customers. Service and on-site training is also part of the services we offer.“